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Agape Travel Update

FirstCoast MCC - St Augustine, FL

FirstCoast MCC was glad to have Agape for part of the summer. We just held our first Jubilee Youth Camp out to help end bullying and thought it was a great send off for Agape. I am sending you some photos of Agape at the camp out and the camp kick off concert by Justin Ryan. Agape will be traveling to Charlotte North Carolina June 29th and turned over to MCC Charlotte on July 1st. Agape got to experience a wide range of activity while being a part of FirstCoast MCC he did HIV testing helped with multi media went to a dance attended Easter Service and saw two MCC stars Susie Brenner and Justin Ryan in concert. The last event Agape attended was a big one for the kids teaching how to not be a bully nor get bullied and to always know you are loved and together we can make a difference. We hope Agape continues to go to many places and be a part of many new and exciting MCC events maybe we will all meet again in Chicago at Conference.

Sincerely ,
Bobbie Bloyd
Agape at First Coast MCC Pic 1

Agape at First Coast MCC Pic 1

Agape at First Coast MCC Pic 4

Agape at First Coast MCC Pic 4

Agape at First Coast MCC Pic 3

Agape at First Coast MCC Pic 3

Agape at First Coast MCC Pic 2

Agape at First Coast MCC Pic 2

FirstCoast MCC

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Agape Traveling Update

Agape visits Metropolitan Community Church of Albuquerque Dec 2011

Agape the MCC Traveling Bear arrived in Albuquerque, luggage and all, and was introduced to the congregation.

He attended the PRIDE Festival and rode in a 1947 Chervrolet Fleetline Classic Car. While at the Festival he stayed in the Wedding Chapel with Rev. Judith Maynard and watched 23 wedding ceremonies!

He had a really great time and would like to come back in October to attend our ballon festival.

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St. John the Apostle MCC - Fort Myers Florida


Dear Reconciliation MCC Family,

I am having a wonderful time at Saint John the Apostle MCC in Fort Myers, Florida. Pastor Steve introduced me to the whole congregation on Sunday morning and shared with them about my missionary work.


At the end of service Pastor Steve included me in the benediction. He told the congregation that the mission of spreading God’s love and care to the stranger was their mission also.


After service I got to be part of a very special ministry at St. John’s and was introduced to a great group of God’s servants. I found I had a lot in common with the Prayer Team.


Saint John’s has a truly dedicated group of bears in their prayer team. They are known as the “Prayer Bears”. These bears are sent out near and far to be with people as a sign of the prayers that are being lifted up during their time of illness or loss. When a Prayer Bear request comes to the church, one of the bears volunteers for the assignment. They know that their job is to go and be with that person from then on. They report back to the church so that the prayers continue to be lifted up. They shared with me some of the missions that the bears have gone on. One bear was dispatched to a very, very little girl weighing 1 lb. 14 oz. She was born months earlier than expected on the island of Guam. The doctors did not think she would survive. May 15th 2011 she celebrates her first birthday and she is thriving and weighs 15 lbs.

Another was sent to a ninety year old woman who had fallen and broken her hip. The doctors told her she could not have surgery and would never walk again. A report came back that she is able to get around her house with the aid of a walker. Another bear was sent to a man who was the victim of an attempted murder. He recovered completely but then sent the bear to a young boy who was in a coma. The minute the bear arrived in the room, the young boy began to come out of the coma. At last report all are doing well. The bears are very clear that they aren’t doing anything but being a sign of God’s love and it is God’s love that is helping people.

After church, I was taken on something called “Spring Break”. They told me that a lot of people come to Florida just to relax a little. They decided I wasn’t dressed right for Florida so they took me shopping for Florida style.


Pastor Steve announced that St. John’s is sending me off to MCC Albuquerque. He always has wanted to go to New Mexico, so he is sending me instead.

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Redeemer MCC - Feb 20, 2011


My visit with Redeemer MCC in Flint, MI was awesome. Padre's message was awesome and inspiring

During service we shared the peace of God with a kiss.

I tried my paw at music and discovered I am pretty much all thumbs

Celebrating communion is a special time of service for me.

Got to hang with the kids during childrens church

I met so many new people during fellowship

I was invited to observe the board meeting. This is one exciting church!

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Feb 7 Windsor MCC

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This has been a busy month!

After my short but fun visit in Harrison Township, I visited Detroit MCC. Wow what a wild time I had there! My next stop was Windsor MCC. They were kind enough to let me deliver my first sermon.


I was a nervous wreck. I didn't realize how big the altar was.


Rev. Martha stepped in to save my day. I think she might have remembered the first time she delivered the message. I am so thankful for her kindness.


I also got to spend some one on one time with new deacon Jason. I have so much to learn about the 3 P's (preach, pray and pass [the offering])


Thank you Windsor MCC for hosting me and congratulations to Jason.

I am headed to Redeemer MCC in Flint next.

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